Being slow to start

Not being idle, just not getting a grip on the umph needed to get the jobs essential for progress done. 

It’s also not a case of not taking too much on, more a case of being flexible in the face of rearranging most of the week and it’s only Tuesday.  For a while Iv’e been contemplating a website. Like the desire to have a blog, when you have to web you have to web.  Why I thought I was technically capable I have no idea I have only plunged half the depth of blogging never mind going many steps further.

Today I think I have reached  the point of going and doing something simple which is good because the connection will take until tomorrow to connect, as it were.  Today’s job not being playing with the admin page has gone down to doing the washing and cleaning the dog hair off the carpet, certainly no garden work that was yesterday and something of a displacement activity although there is always plenty gardening to be done. The gardeners friend and sterling excuse -heavy rain showers-have kept me close to the homestead.

So why a website? Whim? well whats life without whimsy. Maybe just a bit but I do want to extend the reach of the tea sales and this seemed to be as good a way as any. It will join up the FB page’s and the blog’s. When the connection is made and I can start to build it’s going to be fun. I don’t have to ask anyone to change anything and if it’s not quite right it’s up to me to alter it rather than being irritated by having someone else’s concept of what I want. No excuses and I have learned so much. I have a feeling that there is going to be a good deal of Eh Whatting? going on and time sitting wondering what on earth the instructions mean.

The first thing to change will be the blog and it will be carrying the new web address, more news on the trials and frustrations of the web builders life later. For now it’s time to sort the hoover out and do the much anticipated but mind numbing job of housewifery.

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