Something is happening in the garden,

When it gets to this time of the year it’s difficult to know what to look at. Things are beginning to colour in and the transition is so short and the wait so long missing some change seems to be inevitable but has to be guarded against. The fruit trees in the tunnels have been blossoming for a few weeks and apart from the Apricots seem to have set fruit, why not the Apricots I have no idea. Outside the Primroses are  abundant and the bird song three dimensional. Light is in the sky well after nine in the evening and the sun up before six but the nights are still cold and the fire in the stove very welcome.

There hasn’t been much time to sit contemplating the garden being up and doing and taking advantage of the last few fine days. Paths are quickly drying and the work done on the new steps starting to settle down.

Although the winter was wet, windy and mild the tea seems to be doing all the contemplating. There has been some leaf picked and gone to Dalreoch for finishing and the 2016 Garrocher Grey in the collection. It’s going to be May before the main harvest comes on and we have the chance to recover stock and maybe look at another tea from Garrocher.

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