March wind doth blow

I have no idea if we will be having snow but the wind is back again after rather bright cold days and clear cold nights. It’s back to the tedious job of replacing the fleeces and resetting the bush guards.  I’m expecting the met office to be on my side and things to settle down in an hour or two.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               IMG_0313    This afternoons sunshine made even the most untidy of the tunnels look inviting. Nothing is too far infront in the tunnels I’m pleased to say even though the winter temperatures have been on the mild side. I’m going to learn from last spring and not be caught out by late frosts. The Peaches are going to be protected for a start, it was a very unexciting year on the fruit front without the peaches and the plums.  Tea bushes are looking better now there is less battering from the elements and the addition of a few sunny days.  I still have no idea when the first flush will be on but it wont be long and then it will be time to make more Garrocher Grey or another single estate tea there are so many to choose from. I fancy another black tea but who knows, it’s all down to what the leaf gives up on its first tasting.

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