Monthly Archives: February 2016

A little Chaos

Before we start, I know it’s not real.

It’s all the fault of Kate Winslet. As I said I know it’s not real. But. After I had watched the film ‘A little Chaos’ I bethought myself if she could do it in corsets with no fancy machinery I can do it in modern waterproofs and although I don’t have any fancy machinery ether nether do I have to work in stays.

So began the latest onslaught on the Garrocher garden. The tea as you can see is doing just fine all tucked up at the moment in covers and more covers. The rest of the garden is a sad state of affairs. Last years less than sunny days and the glum water filled weeks of the last couple of months haven’t done much harm but there won’t be a lot of good left in the soil and to get things back on the go is going to be a challenge. Large areas are in need of a total overhaul if only to stop them getting any more uncompromising. There’s no paper plan for this garden. I abandoned that idea years ago. It’s more what lends it’s self to any given area, what there is in materials and what I need to protect. Some bits have been planted and hardly changed others seem to be constantly being rearranged with the rider that if it don’t do move it till it does. Moving from yards of veg to tea made room for more artistic ( I use the word advisedly as there is nothing un-artistic about veg) planting and room to plant out things that have been needing to be planted out for at least two seasons and never seemed to get to their rightful place.

It will be with great pleasure that I introduce Garrocher Market Garden and Tea Garden to the lovers of gardens as my little bit of Chaos and thank Kate for her inspiration whether real or not.