January days

Photographs of the tea bushes on their arrival and planting encourage me to be slightly more optimistic than the look of the bushes inside their covers today.

I was up on the terraces this morning tying the covers back down and resetting the stakes that hold the shields in place with the hopes that when the next Atlantic storm comes in there won’t be too much damage.  The land here is peat over gravel and in some places very well drained in others lower down the garden some what soggy. The ponds help to keep water levels under reasonable control and although the ponds take up a good third of the garden area the flooding would have been far worse without them and of course ponds make for interesting planting areas and the chance to lay out a Japanese style Iris garden. A looked forward to job for a later in the year time.

The leaf harvest in September was the last of 2015 and the shields and covers went on at that time with the expectation of cold, wind with the added delight of snow fall. There is of course still time for snow and frost. The challenge then will be trying to protect sodden ground and new roots from frost and leaf and covers from snow. After all this, if the new leaf is anywhere near as good as when the tea was planted and the last harvest we are on to a winner.

I can hear the rain on the roof and the strengthening wind. The Met office app does a fine job of predicting wind speeds and mb pressure but what I could really do with is a Barometer

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