New beginnings

With the new year comes a new range of teas from the Wee Tea Plantation and the band of happy Scottish tea growers. Something my customers have long awaited and for the lucky few a sneak prelaunch taster was available at the 015 Christmas markets. One of the teas amongst this new family of Scottish teas is the just launched Rose Tea. Some of you may be used to the rose floral tones of the Wee Tea Company’s Darjeeling blend but, Ah, where to begin with the Scottish Rose Tea. Although I talk tea endlessly -given a chance- and I drink quantities of the brew in all its colours I refrain from going into wine tasting mode and airily declaiming on the nose, after tones, hints of and all the other terms real tea tasters use. It’s lost on me and I have no idea if this is a good thing or not. So I say again where to begin? With a discription? mmm, Scottish Rose Tea, is a black Oak smoked, pink rose petal scattered large leaf tea. So much easier when one takes a run at it. Like all the Scottish teas on the market there is little acidity to the brew, it comes out deep and rich and very very drinkable. To the point that if we don’t sell the small amount of stock now available we could be in danger of drinking it all ourselves. And, Yes it’s another smoked tea. It has been noted by others that we seem to go in for smoked teas at Garrocher and the Wee. Maybe this could be put down to the love of the other local nectar or the favourite resting place next to the wood burner. What ever the reason we have to state we are very proud of the results. The proof is in the tasting. Oh just before I go, there are another four teas in small amounts waiting in the wings and I’ve heard tell several more after that being tasted.  

I have a small amount of stock and will of course be doing tastings at the early inviting’s. If any one wants a wee taste leave a message on my fb page or go to When we say were growing tea in Scotland you’d better believe it.

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