Coming into a quiet time

I’m saying quiet, but it’s anything but quiet at the moment with storms battering the west coast. It recons to be on it’s way out by the early hours of tomorrow and that should give me chance to put back what’s been moved and sort out the bushes and the covers and get a bit more wind protection up along side the beds. It always sounds worse after night fall and even though I  have just been out and checked on a glassy tinkle there seems to be naught amiss.  The garden is fairly protected from the south west and although were sitting in a hollow the wind comes in and twists and turns and as soon as you put polythene any where near a garden you get noise. I’m beginning to think that gardening is all about damage limitation. On those balmy days when the world seems to be in it’s rights, thoughts are hijacked to when the worst is expected and all the planning to make things safe. It’s a pointless exercise, protection from the wind makes the event of snow more difficult, frost covers begger up the protection from wind. If you get all so well protected there’s no way to get in to do any harvesting and when the storms gone your so damn glad that you’ve survived all your fit for is a cup of tea and a nice biscuit. Until you remember the loose pane in the glass house and see the weather forecast for the next 24 hours.

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