Monthly Archives: November 2015

In to the Mists

The mists of the Autumn and early Winter have kept the leaves on the Tea Bushes and the covers have kept the small amount of frost at bay. There has been a little damage but not enough to make an early leaf fall and now the rows are covered with floating row covers giving them a little more protection, and there’s a certain amount of leaf growth, I’m wondering if there is chance of a small amount of leaf before Christmas.                                                                             Spending several hours this morning clearing the pipe that serves the irrigation system kept me on the top terrace and in the garden for longer than than I have been able to for quite a time, the rain has been rather professional in it’s out look. Today the garden was mist covered and the grey light made the greens of the ferns and the paths the only real colour.  The last of the nasturtiums haven’t fared so well and I cleaned their beds and those of the late and rather over salad leaves, now most of the tunnels are ready for an early sowing. It was also noticeable that the Peach is showing signs of lots of flower buds. It’a this time of year that I want Almond trees just for of the expectation of early blossoms.



There’s a wood on this land. Not a fancy oak wood with towering trunks and epic spreading canopies just a willow wood with birch a few rowans, hawthorn and elder. Trunks are moss covered and in places ivy hangs like curtains. I come here most days and walk the paths, usually at the point of leaving I think I should come more often. It’s like I have two worlds, when I’m in one the other is a memory and the small bridge over the stream is the connecting  point between the two, no wonder bridges are surrounded in myth.                                                                                                                                    Today I came and walked a second time, I needed a bit of a think and although I have resting points in the garden I can always see a job to be done and I didn’t want any distractions. The dogs don’t always come and they were busy barking at the post man so I went alone. Yesterday low sun sent bars of golden light through the branches, not so today, low cloud had settled and everything was silent. I walked a while, stood and walked again, it’s not a very large wood but the paths are winding and you can cover a fair bit of ground while not going very far from where you started. In the soft light the greens, browns and bronzes of the ferns and bracken brought me to a halt, it’s an easy place to spend time in, and time just drifts away if you let it. A thought of time to move, and the question why? and another thought, I should have brought a seat. I drift on another stop to see where the light is coming from on a young rowan and a slow turn taking in the full circle of what’s around me, every thing is still very green, above the branches let go their small leaves now yellow and gold like yesterdays sunbeams and then I breath, a small movement over to the right and an autumnal dog bounds along the path, I get the doggie smile as he goes past and then he’s lost in the bracken, now I have an excuse to stay longer, he’s having such a good time, as am I,  it’s a shame to leave.