In London and back


The day as you can see mixed the the old and the new. The train was new and had the essence of days gone by, we could have been off any where. The Dorchester Hotel itself a mix of the modern with a twist of yesterday. The confidence one gets from knowing that every possible modern convenience was at hand but still there was time to rest and enjoy in very comfortable surroundings          Although we had just come from taking tea at the Ritz by this time we were on a roll. Taxis swept us from one location to another, I liked knowing that I was with a driver who knew where he was going and that my shoes weren’t going to be put to the test of walking more than a few yards at a time. The promenade at the Dorchester is right before you on entering, we were met, introduced, greeted, seated, we chatted all very relaxed. The hotel is like a big clock, I’m privelaged to have been allowed to see the face and suround as well as the works. I got to see the works when we were esscorted to the roof garden to see the tea bushes. Coming from their home on a Scottish hillside, the bushes had gone on holiday and were looking exceedingly well. I couldn’t help doing a bit of tiding, it’s a gardener thing. Back down through the clockwork and of course the face showed time for tea. It’s a gracious place the promenade, interviews, cake, chats, cake, my tea served with more than a flourish, time never stands still and all the people we met were busy, but time seems to strech as far as tea takers are concerned. Interviews over, time to move to a discreet table, all the press releases had to be sent out before 5pm. I just sat on one of the comfiest chairs, ever, and let the vertigo brought on by not enough sleep and too much cake pass. what now? we went for a posh fish supper, and a play, a good laughing sort of play. the last taxi of the day for us and  back to the train and the amaizing Stephen and his pocket watch. Falling into the arms of morpheus, and back to Glasgow. A second breakfast looking out on a lovely sunny park and trying to make sense of the whole thing whilst eating toast. Fond farewells, happy smiles, I left the city. Of course I got lost, but only a little bit.

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