Tunnels, Tea and Paraffin

It’s been a long time since I bought Paraffin, and boy it’s not cheap. I was expecting the same price as other fuels, but no. Ah well I suppose it will be worth it, when the first leaf comes early. That after all is what the Paraffin is for. Polly tunnels, -well my polly tunnels- aren’t really very efficient when it comes to extra heating, they aren’t in the perfect position and not on a perfectly level texbook site, still we are always up to have a go. All these mental movings are playing merry hell with the schedule,-if I ever Had one- so buying Paraffin and setting the heaters going seemed to be a job that I could be trusted with until the brain started to function again. It’s not quite as bad as I like to make out, yes the voles have taken the last of the Parsnips, but the Celery is good, early sprouting has been pruned by some thing small and squeaky, but that will come back. Over wintering Caulies look very sorry for themselves, but like the Lettuce thev’e been a disaster all season. Late Salad sowings look reasonable and there will be enough for the December Markets. The rest of the outdoor productive garden is being put to bed under mulch until next spring. The last few winters I’ve kept things going as seedlings in the Tunnels and had reasonable success, this Autumn I sowed late seed in the open beds, top dressed and I wait to see if there is a difference in the early crops. Two tunnel’s are now housing the late arrival Tea Bushes,already recovering from the move,thanks in part to the paraffin heaters, and one other has been nearly stripped out, ready to be moved next spring. The reason for the tunnel move is to move my lovely shed in to that  place and frame a covered Tea Drinking space in front of it, lots of plants and benches, with the Grape Vines ,- that have to be moved -climbing up and over, quite looking forward to it. I actually managed to get in to the Peach house and do a bit of pruning, found a Marrow and was quite pleased with the state of the Herb bench, looking better than expected for the time of year, think they really did have fun in the sun.

2014-11-09 13.59.26 HDRGarrocher 168

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