A Garden Going to Sleep

The cold has started to take the last of the flowers, and the condensation on the inside of the Tunnels will soon turn to ice. We’ve had heavy rain and strong winds over the last few weeks, making the Indian Summer just a memory and a golden glow in the mind. October was full of things that took me away from the garden, and lots of things will now have to wait until the year has turned. It’s also a good reason not to do any Autumn digging and leave it under cover and mulch for the worms to sort. Tunnel work is still on going, one tunnel is over wintering tea bushes. Arriving too late to be planted and with the bit of garden still unprepared, they’ve been given a cozy billet with the soft fruit, and will stay under cover until the spring, hopefully giving an early flush of leaf 2014-04-07 16.27.46 HDR

2014-06-04 08.53.56 HDR

The fruit trees transplanted on the bottom terrace seem to be settling in, although the frame for the Spring protection and the connecting tunnels are still to be finished, another job that may be possible if the weather stays easy. So as usual it’s a work in progress.

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