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Garrocher in Autumn, all about Tea and Veg

Apart from the execive amounts of watering, it’s been a Magical Summer, wall to wall Sunshine for weeks and the garden has been abundant. Now after execive amounts of rain there are still things to harvest from the raised veg beds,most of which have produced three crops. Its time now to clear away what’s left of the Summer Beauty. It’s a bit sad but it makes room for the Soft fruit bushes that needed a new home and the Plum and Cherry trees that will take up their place under a new covered frame, there may even be room to under plant the Cherry Trees with Lavender,- it works in France so might as well give it a go- along with the Daffs lifted in the ┬álate Spring.

Garrocher 141Garrocher 148

The heavy rain drove me in to the tunnels, along with the dogs, who were too outsidie to be inside and too unwilling to get wet to be outside, thunder made for a very noisy Morning, but we did get lots done. All the Summer stuff has gone on the compost heap, topdressing done, seeds sown,-could be a bit late, but the summer crops just kept on doing and it seemed a shame to pull them, it’s going to be along time until the next Courgette. The next job is pulling down the Runner Beans, sorting the early Straws, and making room for a long bed of early Potatoes

2014-08-30 08.41.212014-08-31 08.50.51

I mentioned the Tea. Apart from the winds at the begining of the week taking off the floating covers, everything seems to be doing well. It’s hard to tell if there is any new growth, but that’s ok, I want roots down before the cold weather sets in, and of course there is the anticipation of the first flush next year which should come around the same time as the daffs.