There’s such a lot to do

Still getting to know about whats needed in Blog land. Look at this as another practice piece. All the way through the weeks of Glorious weather and I seem not have taken any photos. Time seemed to be taken up with constant watering. There will come a time when watering will mean the turn of a tap, but it won’t be this year.  I seem to remember saying that last year, probably the year before too. My two Markets for the Month are done, and I’m looking forward to getting down to the Garden jobs [pending, and in some cases long time pending]. Theres the top Terrace to fence, thats got to be a really, solid job. Facing East and North the fence will take the brunt of the Winter winds, theres nothing on that side to shelter us, and the hedge needs some time to fill in. Somewhere behind this lot will be the East Fence.

2013-09-04 08.46.09

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